Can Facebook advertising be profitable for your business?

(check out the video below to find out)

Facebook advertising is so effective because Facebook itself, whether you use it or not, is regarded as one of the largest social platforms available on the internet–one billion daily active users proves this point.

In recent years, Facebook advertising has become one of the fastest growing ways for companies to obtain an ROI, but do you know why?

Facebook Advertising delivers:

Facebook advertising Targeted Traffic

Laser Targeted Traffic:

Facebook’s dirtiest little secret is that they’re not a social media platform at all!  They’ve simply made an attractive medium for users to self-report market data for advertisers to leverage.  With up-to-date, relevant market data, you can be sure that your ad is being shown to the right audience!

Facebook advertising pinpoints target audiences

Segmented & Customized Lists:

Give your prospects an offer they can’t refuse!  Create segmented lists to market to your potential buyers in customized ways based on their interaction with your content.  Your ads are already custom tailored to your target audience, and now you can advertise to these prospects based on their own behavior!

Facebook advertising achieve celebrity status

Achieving Celebrity Status:

When you use the “Facebook Pixel,” your audience will start to see you everywhere!  Couple your Facebook advertising with Google retargeting methods and your ads could follow your prospects around the entire internet!  When you stay in front of your potential buyers, they can’t help but keep your business in mind when its time to make a purchasing decision.

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