Maintaining Your Brand Voice Across All Customer Touch-Points

As a business in the 21st century, you touch your customers in many ways and through many platforms. They’ll see your catalog, e-mails, postcards, social media posts, website and even press releases. So how are you supposed to maintain your brand’s voice while trying to reach your target market on so many different platforms? Here are three tips to maintain your brand voice through all of your touch-points.

Consistency is King
As mentioned in “Do You Know Your Brand Voice?”, consumers want consistency. We understand that you may be trying to reach a specific target market through social media and a different target market via email, but it is crucial for you to stay consistent in your overall voice while targeting specific audiences.

Platform Guideline
It is extremely important that your brand voice has the appropriate tone for each media outlet. Creating a style guideline for each customer touch-point allows writers to make sure that they are writing in the correct tone for each platform and using the Brand Voice correctly at all times. For example, Adidas may have a style guideline that instructs writers to put out content that is encouraging people to be active on Facebook, while their competitor, NIKE, might be instructing their content writers to push out content that is funny but still relates to their brand’s voice.  Develop your engagement plan for your communication platforms and create the communication guideline to aid in consistency with application, calls to action, and voice.

Appoint a Brand Ambassador
Having one person manage your media platforms and inspect your brand perception is crucial. This person should be available to edit all outgoing content in each of your customer touch-points. Because it is common for some companies to have several different writers, having a single person who monitors whether or not the content matches your brand’s voice via all platforms will help you maintain a consistent voice.