Integrated Marketing Strategy and Your Business

Integrated marketing strategy can seem a bit daunting, but don’t let fear of the unknown stop you from pursuing something that can greatly benefit your business. As someone in the marketing field you are probably already familiar with advertising campaigns that utilize social media, email marketing, cold calling, and others. The key to integrated marketing is learning how to leverage all of these campaigns together to work towards the end goal they were setup to achieve.

An integrated marketing strategy is one that includes all parts of a team working on any given project. They are strategies that come together from the very beginning of a campaign and take a proactive approach to reaching their potential audience. In today’s marketplace consumers are hit with advertisements across all platforms, so it is essential that whether your audience sees you on television, hears your ad on the radio, or comes across your website, they get a consistent message from your brand. You want to find a way to creatively make all of your marketing strategies have a similar feel, without making them all seem the same. Be sure to pick brand colors and make those present in all of your marketing efforts. Try to stick with similar design themes in all of your material, if you really like graphical images use those across your efforts. If you really like photography, try to incorporate photographs as visuals whenever you need them.

Research needs to be done about the target audience, the competition, and any advancements that have been made in the field before a successful integrated marketing strategy can be planned and implemented. The other key is to ensure that your marketing, content, and design teams are all on the same page about who you want to be as a company, or who their potential clients want to be. Everyone needs to be aware of the brand and what information needs to be conveyed to their potential audience. Once all of your team is on the same page about who you want to be, it will be easier to put that vision into their marketing efforts.

The approach of integrated marketing strategies is one that has a very high success rate because it keeps your brand image at the forefront of customers minds. All of the efforts your marketing team do are no longer segregated and being utilized for different goals. Instead they are all streamlined with a single goal in mind. Let your enews, your Facebook ads, and your blog for the month all be about the same topic and drive your customers to the one goal that you want to achieve. So don’t sit by any longer and continue to miss out on the benefits of making your marketing strategy integrated. Get your team on board and start collaborating and researching the best ways to drive home to your audience who you are and what you’re about.