How to Be a Valuable Resource to Your Customers

When your company’s a valuable resource, you become more than a supplier. Your customers and clients will see you as someone they respect, someone they can go to for advice, and someone they can rely on to be there.

In short: They see you as an ally. Companies will include you in their strategy, and individuals will make you a key part of their life.

How do you become that valuable resource? Just like the phrase sounds, you need to become a go-to source from information, advice, and other things that they value.

Listen to Their Needs & Provide Solutions Beyond Your Service or Product
Every service or product that a company provides is a solution to some problem, whether it’s a craving for coffee or a comprehensive transportation plan. The trick to becoming a valuable resource is to be aware of your customers’ needs and provide that extra solution that relates to your business.

Anticipates Their Needs & Have Solutions Ready When They Need Them
Your product or service is only one part of your customers’ life or business, but you’ve built your company around it. That gives you a lot of experience, which you can use to predict most of the hurdles or problems they’ll run into. Provide a valuable resource by giving them the solutions they need beforehand so they can solve the problem when it shows up or avoid it entirely.

But How Do You Provide the Solutions?
There are a number of different ways to give solutions to your customers. Each customer will have a different approach, so it is important to provide a variety of solutions along a variety of channels. Here are some of the ways you can give those resources to your customers:

  • E-news – Deliver solutions right to their inbox.
  • Blogs – Provide a resource that’s readily updated with an accessible archive.
  • Website A well-planned website will have a suite of solutions available to customers.
  • Social Media – A resource that’s active, reactive, and able to keep them connected.
  • Personal Contact – Having dedicated personnel always gives them somewhere to go.
  • Events & Seminars – A track record of leadership in solutions builds confidence in you.
  • Community Involvement – Extend your reach and the reach of your solutions.
  • Ads & Promotions Provide proof of your solutions before they even know you.

Each of these channels needs to present the right solutions in the right way in order to be effective. It can be incredibly confusing and very tricky, but you don’t have to do it on your own.

Element212 is there to help you put together everything you need to become a valuable resource. We’ll build a comprehensive strategy that uses the right mix of channels to reach your customer base, and provide the messages for those channels.