Featured Client Spotlight: Modern Trailer Sales

Our company works with amazing business owners who love their customers. This month we are proud to spotlight our client, Modern Trailer Sales, highlighting the unique way they “love” their customers.

Modern Trailer Sales is an RV dealer who focuses on sharing the RV experience with those who love the outdoors, camping, and traveling. Part of our retainer work with Modern Trailer Sales is helping to educate people new to the RV lifestyle on how to get started in selecting the right RV for their unique needs.

The Modern Trailer Sales team doesn’t want to make a sale, just to make a sale. They want to build relationships with their customers and be the key resource in taking the new RVer from “green” to “veteran” in a short amount of time.

Modern Trailer Sales offers their new customers an RV buyers guide to help ask the right questions of dealerships when they are checking out new RVs.  They provide information on campgrounds and tips to help RVers prepare for their trips.

Modern Trailer Sales is also the only dealership in the state on Indiana who offers a lifetime warranty on new RVs so customers can feel safe and secure with their new RV investment.

These are just a few examples of how Modern Trailer Sales “loves” their customers and, in turn, their customers “love” Modern Trailer Sales right back!

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