Engage Your Customer

So you have a great product or service to offer. That’s good, but it’s only part of your business. Now you need to have a great marketing plan to attract and engage your customers.

Without customer buy-in, it doesn’t matter how amazing your product or service is. Your prospective customers need to see how your business offers what they need and will somehow improve their lives.  Most companies also depend on repeat customers, so engaging your current customers to help them buy-in over and over again is another key to success.

How to Engage Your Customers

Today’s technology makes it easier than ever to promote your product or service. Consider these ways to promote what your business offers, to attract and engage with customers:

Set up a website: Yes, you do need a website. Millions of people use the Internet every day to do their pre-purchase research themselves, and many of these decide what to buy before even contact your company. Your website should be clear, professional, and should lead people to their logical next step in their Buyer’s Journey.

Blog about it: Whether you have your blog on your site or have it standing alone, blogging is a more informal, personal way to connect with prospective customers. Make sure you blog consistently about interesting topics besides your products or services. The best blogs position your company as experts in your industry and are not sales-oriented.

Join social networking sites: Social networking sites are where many customers spend a good portion of their time. Depending on the nature of your business and product or service, determine the most appropriate network for your needs: Facebook, Google +, or LinkedIn, Pinterest for example.

Design an email campaign: Once you get some interested prospective customers, offer to add them to your email list and email them regularly about your products or services. Make sure each email includes an unsubscribe option.

Offer text alerts about specials: Make it even easier for your customers: let them sign up for text alerts about specials.

Create an app: While this isn’t helpful or realistic for some companies, many create an app allowing customers to shop or access information on-the-go.  Service-oriented companies where customers have unique accounts can benefit greatly from this technology.

So Remember…

Every great product or service requires an equally great marketing plan to attract and engage customers, and to convince them they NEED what your business offers!

Use technology to your advantage. Today’s consumers appreciate accommodations to their busy schedules and make good use of the convenience of electronic communications.

So set up that website, blog consistently, join social networking sites, email and send text alerts about specials, and above all; focus on your customers and how you will meet their needs!