E-Mail Marketing: A Trend to Follow

Most consumers still consider e-mail to be their primary form of communication, so it is worth it to spend marketing dollars in this medium. A huge benefit of e-mail marketing is that is is very low-cost.

Here are some tips for effective e-mail marketing:

1. Make It Easy. The design should offer user-friendly navigation, fast downloads, and easy access to information.

2. Integrate your e-mail marketing to your social media. The people on your e-mail marketing list are most likely your current customers, and they have at least heard of you.

3. Provide value-added content in your e-mail efforts. Make it worth their while to read what you send. They will be more likely to stay on your list, forward your communications to others, and see you as a valued expert in your field.

4. It is worth it to spend the money to keep your list up to date. People change emails frequently, and keep in mind that people are switching work emails every time they switch jobs.