Eagle Creek Nursery & Landscape Research

Client Summary

Eagle Creek Nursery & Landscape began as a farm in 1916. It gradually transformed the Esterline family’s passion for creating outdoor living space for their neighbors into a full-service landscape service company. Today, the fourth generation of the same family provides landscape and hardscape design, installation, maintenance, and consultation services, as well as project-grade trees, plants, and materials for homes in Central Indiana. 

Their Challenge

At the start of our work with Eagle Creek Nursery & Landscape, they were known to their audience primarily as a plant nursery. Their challenge was to reposition their brand to achieve growth in their most profitable services as a specialist in landscape design and management.

Our Strategy

To reposition Eagle Creek Nursery & Landscape’s identity and messaging to build awareness of their primary services beyond the plant nursery, we started with research to gain data to develop the rebranding strategy.

The process began with our Brand Insights™ research, where our team conducted extensive market research and assessed their current brand equity through the qualitative and quantitative methodology.

Our team conducted individual interviews with the Eagle Creek Nursery & Landscape team members to gain insight into their brand perceptions, including their S.W.O.T., differentiators, culture, audience behaviors, and internal processes and communications.

We then interviewed ten customers and lost leads to gain insights into their behaviors, motivators, buyer’s journey, and vetting process. These insights gave us a deeper understanding of their perceptions of the Eagle Creek Nursery brand and their general needs and desires around the services provided by a landscape company.

We conducted a digital survey with their customer database to gain statistical significance for our research.

The insights gained from our research provided the information necessary to develop new messaging to better resonate with their ideal audience without alienating or confusing current customers. We developed an integrated strategy from the data that included updating their current customer touchpoints to support their new positioning.

Using the insights we gained from research, we redesigned their company website to ensure up-to-date mobile optimization to highlight their design and landscaping services with appropriate calls-to-action to move their audience through their awareness, consideration, and decision stages of selecting a landscape provider.

We developed an integrated marketing strategy that included digital advertising, search engine optimization, email marketing, video, photography, and blogging.

The digital advertising campaigns reached their new target audience to increase awareness of Eagle Creek’s brand and its design and landscape service offerings. Our SEO strategy focused on Eagle Creek Nursery & Landscape’s rebrand, ensuring the traffic was relevant to their initiatives and expanded revenue streams. Our email and website strategies focused on educating and nurturing leads while retaining current customers.

The Result

As a result of our research and integrated marketing strategies, Eagle Creek Nursery & Landscape has experienced significant growth in its targeted web traffic, which led to an increase in quality leads and revenue. Today, through our integrated marketing strategies, Eagle Creek Nursery & Landscape’s brand is better positioned within its community to reach and engage its ideal customers and build awareness of its most profitable services.

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We utilized photography of Eagle Creek’s landscaping work to highlight their landscape and hardscape design and installation services.