Collaboration That Works For You

Choosing to work with someone outside your organization can be a big decision.  Here are a few things to consider before you decide to outsource work or projects.

What areas should you consider getting outside help for?

  • Time-consuming tasks for which you get low ROI
  • Anything you are ‘just okay’ at
  • Anything that another company can do better AND more efficiently

Signs you need outside help:

  • You are spending most of your time on tasks that do not accomplish your key business goals
  • You are overpaying employees to work on tasks outside or beneath their skill level
  • You are delivering sub-par work that doesn’t represent what your company is great at

How to find the right match:

  • Their values are cohesive with your company values
  • They have good references and customer feedback
  • They are experts at the specific areas with which you need help

Making It Work:

  • Set clear expectations for both parties and make sure key leadership is in agreement
  • Determine key points of contact for each party and stick to them
  • Make the most of their expertise by empowering them as a part of your team