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“Center” of Hope

The Christian Center is truly a center of hope for our community. Like us, you may know several of the services The Christian Center provides but after spending some time

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Being Informed is the Real Key to “Cutting Edge…”

It seems that we all know those two or three people that seem to effortlessly and legitimately know something about everything. These are the people we quickly grow to hate or depend on for the answers to all of our menial inquisitions throughout the day. Ever wonder how they do it? They probably just made an effort.

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Blogging-What’s a B2B Company to Do

Blogging-What’s a B2B Company to Do? If you’re responsible for marketing or business communications at a B2B company and you’re still on the fence about incorporating a blog into your business-aligned communication strategy, this post should be of interest. HiveFive, a Cambridge, Mass.-based internet marketing software solutions company, has released the results of a marketing research survey that suggests many business-to-business companies don’t fully grasp the business opportunities associated with blogging. Some, in fact, see it as a resource drain. Hence, the title of this blog “Blogging-What’s a B2B Company to Do?”.

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Foster a Loyal Customer Base: 3 Reasons Why

We all know that loyal, long-term customers are the lifeblood of most businesses. Current customers are less expensive to sell to than potential customers, and they are often your personal army of advocates.

Here are 3 specific reasons to take the time to foster your loyal customer base:

-They are a great source of referrals of potentially good customers.

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Networking is NOT an Event

When networking…

Do you spend most or all of the time doing the talking?

Are you waiting for the other person to stop talking so you can share your next thought, essentially not really hearing what others are sharing?

Do you focus on telling others about your product or services, and you share little or nothing about the value you can add to their business or lives?

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Building a Lasting Brand

When you see the Tiffany & Co. box, what do you think of? Quality, perfection, first class?

When I see that little blue box I think of determination, focus and a steadfast purpose for the brand. That little blue box has surpassed the job of holding jewelry and has become an icon of wealth, success and prosperity for the Tiffany & Company.

So how does that happen? How is a company able to build a brand, not around their product, but around the box that holds the product?

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Engage Your Customer

So you have a great product or service to offer. That’s good, but it’s only part of your business. Now you need to have a great marketing plan to attract and engage your customers.

Without customer buy-in, it doesn’t matter how amazing your product or service is. Your prospective customers need to see how your business offers what they need and will somehow improve their lives.  Most companies also depend on repeat customers, so engaging your current customers to help them buy-in over and over again is another key to success.

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Client Spotlight: Parallax

Parallax Power Supply is an electrical supplier to the RV OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) market. This company is a great example of going above and beyond in their customer engagement and communication. Although RV Dealerships don’t buy directly from Parallax, they recognize the importance of building relationships and communicating with dealerships to strengthen their brand in their industry.

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Internal Communication Check-Up

Now that we’ve discussed the importance of having a clear, consistent, and meaningful brand voice, let’s talk about how that impacts your internal communication. Integrity is vital for any business that wishes to maintain positive relationships with customers, employees, and enjoy long-term success. One aspect of integrity is doing what you say you will do and maintaining those standards all the time. Employees are often the largest advocates or adversaries of your brand.  Make sure they experience the same brand voice as your customers and the public.

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Collaboration That Works For You

Choosing to work with someone outside your organization can be a big decision.  Here are a few things to consider before you decide to outsource work or projects.

What areas should you consider getting outside help for?

  • Time-consuming tasks for which you get low ROI
  • Anything you are ‘just okay’ at
  • Anything that another company can do better AND more efficiently
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The Ever-Changing Nature of Marketing

It’s not exactly a secret that the world is constantly changing. Even something as simple as getting directions is completely different. Twenty years ago we all used maps. Ten years ago we printed maps and directions off the internet. Today it seems ridiculous not to use turn-by-turn directions using smartphones with satellite technology. Similarly, it is important to keep up with the ever-changing nature of marketing.

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