Case Study


Our Client

Carter Express, Inc. (Carter Express) is the sister company of full-service supply chain manager, Carter Logistics, LLC. Their cross-docks and driver network span the NAFTA highway; down into Mexico and across the Central and Eastern United States.

Their Challenge

The growing company was and is in constant need of new drivers, and with a truck driver shortage and a competitive mile-based industry pay rates, recruiting was a challenge.

The Advertising Strategy

Carter Express hired Jim Fairfield in June of 2015 as Director of Recruiting.  Fairfield came with over seventeen years of experience in recruiting truck drivers and had the expertise, drive, and vision to push recruiting to the next level.  Fairfield became our contact and we worked together to create and execute the following recruiting strategy:

1) We Made It Easy

This is a vital part of any online strategy, whether for sales or recruiting.  It’s especially important when you’re trying to reach people who spend most of their time on the road, using a mobile device during short breaks or rest stops.

We made it easy by creating an abbreviated application – basically a glorified contact form that collects vital contact and basic screening information in a matter of a few minutes, so that we don’t lose applicants who have a limited amount of time.  After completing this form, the recruiting department has their contact information automatically loaded to the CRM and can follow up with the applicants.  The applicant also has the option to move straight into the full application after the short application is finished.

2) We Made It Appealing

Design, imagery, wording, and more go into creating appealing and effective content.  With a driver shortage and a competitive market, not to mention the general information overload of the internet, clear and simple design and content are vital to your online presence.  Nothing is worse than spending money on an ad that no one gives a second glance.  High-quality visual design and strategic, intentional wording is our specialty.

3) We Made It Visible

Prior to advertising through Element212, Carter Express was utilizing several other advertising providers that charged more and had less reach because they only offered the services of one source or advertising platform.  Not only were the results unsatisfactory, the pricing of these providers was not transparent. As a result, Carter Express could not distinguish overhead costs from advertising dollars spent.

Our recruiting strategy utilized platforms that included Facebook advertising, Craigslist posts and ads, Google Display Network ads, and original, engaging social and website content.  Our pricing is clear and therefore advertising dollars are much easier to match with the results, and can be adjusted accordingly.  The budget is flexible, following the exact recruiting needs of the client and making the most of every dollar spent each month.


Carter Express now spends 36% less as they did in years past on advertising but with greater recruiting success. The Element212 team and the Carter Express recruiting department are able to measure success of individual ad messages, platforms, and campaigns, while constantly adjusting in order to stay relevant in the hiring market.
“Element212 has been involved in all areas of our marketing from website improvements to analytics to associate surveys.  Their creativity and assistance with keeping our brand consistent in all phases of marketing has proved effective. Their advice, direction, and management of our social media marketing campaigns continue to bring us employee candidates. They have been very helpful in analyzing potential marketing campaigns and guiding our company first.  Element212 has been a great partner for Carter Express”.
– Jim Fairfield
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