Attorney Josh F. Brown

Client Summary

Josh F. Brown has been serving the Indianapolis area as an attorney since 2006. With his mission, “Helping entrepreneurs make smart franchise decisions,” Josh is committed to helping his clients navigate the path toward franchise success.

Their Challenge

The client’s logo was dated and difficult to read, prompting a logo redesign. They desired a visual identity that would better represent their focus on growth and new beginnings for their clients, as well as a logo that withstands the test of time.

Our Strategy

Our goal was to provide Josh with a visual identity that was more intuitive, reflected their values, and set the stage for a website re-design. After gaining a deeper understanding of the company’s goals and their market, our team focused on creating a clearly defined and timeless visual identity that reflected the company’s three core values: dream, build and grow.

1. Client Interview

First, we interviewed the client to gain insight into Josh Brown’s corporate personality, goals, differentiators, and target market.

We provided a versatile logo family to increase scalability, allowing the logo to be both readable and legible in any context.

3. Value & Identity

Our logo re-design strategy focused on the three values, dream, build, and grow, in order to convey their identity. In addition, this strategy contributed to positioning the overall brand identity and the re-design of the website.

4. Timeless and Consistent Look

We provided a logo and website that would stand out in the industry with timeless characteristics, while maintaining consistency with the client’s brand identity.

The Result

With a newly developed visual identity package, Josh’s team is equipped with the necessary tools to begin using their new logo and brand colors across their marketing efforts. The logo was designed in horizontal and vertical formats so it would fit into the allotted space for any project.

Following the brand identity project, we proceeded with a website re-design that incorporated their new brand identity. The end result of these projects is a cohesive, timeless, and easily recognizable brand for Josh’s company. From business cards to a website, Josh now has a consistent brand identity that communicates his values and resonates with his clients.

Client Testimonial

“Logo design is tricky business. Element 212 did a fantastic job presenting me with multiple options and really taking the time to ensure that the logo captured the essence of my business. Working through the process with Element 212 was enjoyable and we ultimately settled on a logo that looks great and conveys the right messaging for my law firm.”
– Josh Brown

Organic Social Media Management

Learn how to effectively use social media to build your brand and cultivate a loyal fan base.

This consultation includes the following components:

Interview: Element212 will review:

  • Your current social media platforms
  • Competitive analysis
  • Target market analysis


  • Social media posting strategy
  • Content overview strategy
  • Strategy evaluation
  • Develop followers
  • Tools & Resource recommendations
  • Quarterly review
  • Consistent branding across social media platforms

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Learn how to optimize your website and improve your website’s ranking in search engines such as Google.

This consultation includes the following components:

Approach: Element212 will provide:

  • Keyword selection strategy
  • Step-by-step instructions to maximize on-site optimization for your content
  • Tips on where to place and link keywords on your website
  • 2 high-quality backlinks

Recommendations: You will receive:

  • An actionable strategy for improving on-site and off-site SEO
  • 3 & 6 month check in and recommendations

Full Brand InsightsTM Research

Duration: 7-9 Weeks

We’ll take an in-depth look at your brand, communications & buyer’s journey to devise a comprehensive marketing strategy that works.

This consultation includes the following components:

Interview: One-on-one interviews with team members & customers or clients to uncover:

  • Company S.W.O.T.
  • Company Goals
  • Internal/external perspectives
  • Brand perception gaps
  • Customer persona
  • Differentiators
  • Internal & External expectations
  • Customer buyer’s journey
  • Perceived value and benefits
  • High value

Survey: Online customer & team surveys

Analysis: Current marketing audit

  • Marketing Collateral
  • Website
  • SEO
  • Content

Report & Recommendations: In-depth overview of your customer’s and team member’s brand perceptions along with a comprehensive marketing strategy and a Gantt timeline for the following:

  • Integrated marketing communications
  • Ongoing marketing messaging
  • Website audit
  • Brand positioning
  • Digital advertising

General Marketing Strategy

Duration: 14 days

Ready to step up your marketing? We’ll identify opportunities and develop a plan that capitalizes on those findings.

This consultation includes the following components:

Interview: Half-day team interview to uncover:

  • Company growth goals
  • Company S.W.O.T.
  • Brand expectations & voice
  • Company differentiators

Survey: Online customer & team surveys

Analysis: Current marketing audit

  • Marketing Collateral
  • Website audit
  • SEO audit
  • Content audit

Report & Recommendations: Data gathered to bridge the gap between customer & company perspectives with insights to shorten the sales cycle. This report includes marketing strategy recommendations and a Gantt timeline for the following: Website Social media Print marketing Digital advertising Public Relations

Agile Brand InsightsTM Research

Duration: 5 days

We’ll take a look at your brand and identify opportunities for the advancement of your marketing efforts.

This consultation includes the following components:

Interview: Half-day team interview

Survey: Online customer & team surveys

Analysis: Current marketing strategy

Report & Recommendations:
High-level overview of your customers’ & team members’ brand perceptions along with marketing strategy recommendations and a Gantt timeline.

Buyer's Journey Research

Duration: 3 days

We’ll help identify your customers’ buyer’s journey and how you can influence their purchasing decisions.

This consultation includes the following components:

Interview: Up to 10 customer interviews

Survey: Online quantitative customer survey

Analysis: Secret Shopping (when applicable)

Report & Recommendations: Insights into the decision-making process your customers go through when researching, considering, and ultimately deciding where they make their purchase. This report also includes marketing recommendations along with a Gannt timeline.

Internal Team Communications

Duration: 7 days

Let’s take a look at your team’s internal and external communication processes and identify opportunities for improvement.

This consultation includes the following components:

Interview: Half-day team interview

Survey: Online anonymous team survey

Analysis: Secret shopping (when applicable)

Report & Recommendations: Insights report showing gaps and opportunities for internal communications & processes and marketing recommendations with a Gantt timeline.