General Supply, Inc.

Client Summary

General Supply, Inc. (GSI) is a mobile and modular home parts store with retail and wholesale services. They were founded in 1993 as the result of an acquisition of an existing manufactured housing parts supplier.

Their Challenge

GSI’s e-commerce website was facing challenges that were resulting in an unsatisfactory user experience for their visitors; thus, resulting in low sales. The website was not mobile responsive and often crashed, rendering it unusable for people seeking what GSI had to offer. Because of this, the website lacked visibility in search engines such as Google, meaning it was not garnering the traffic it deserved.

In addition, the website was also difficult to update and required a GSI employee to be familiar with backend web maintenance in order to maintain their 2500+ product offerings on the website.  

Our Strategy

Our goal was to address all of their challenges by redeveloping the entire site with a focus on strengthening user experience (increasing conversion), strengthening visibility in search engines (increasing organic traffic), and reducing the time, effort, and skills required to accurately maintain inventory on site.  

1. Client Interview

First and foremost, we conducted a client interview to gain insight into the challenges and problems General Supply was facing.

2. Navigation Redesign

We restructured the website and redesigned the product category navigation to be more intuitive and accessible to users.

3. Simplification

We provided a simplified process to efficiently and conveniently update over 2,500 online products.

4. Mobile Optimization
  1. By mobile-optimizing the site, we ensured that the visitors accessing the website from various mobile devices have an enhanced experience navigating and viewing content on the website.
5. Enhanced Server Bandwidth

To be able to handle large traffic coming to the site, we provided scalable server bandwidth for the website.

6. Digital Advertising and SEO Strategies

Digital advertising and SEO strategies were created and implemented to grow online sales.

7. Wholesale Account Management

In addition to the strategy, we developed a wholesale portal for distributers to manage their online accounts

The Result

After the new website launched in early 2018, GSI experienced exponential growth in many aspects of the business. In addition to much improved functionality of the site, the number of top three ranking keywords in Google increased by 226% due to the newly implemented SEO strategies. With the website now running properly and converting visitors into buyers, GSI had the confidence to begin digital advertising with Facebook and Google Ads again, which helped their sales increase even more. Aside from success in sales, the staff at General Supply that is responsible for maintaining inventory on-site saves an average of 5+ hours weekly with the new inventory management systems.