Brand InsightsTM: Connect with Your Ideal Customers

The Brand InsightsTM takes an in-depth qualitative and quantitative analysis of your brand from both your team members’ and customers’ perspectives. It uncovers data around your company’s S.W.O.T., goals, internal/external perspectives, differentiators, expectations, customer buyer’s journey, and perceived value and benefits.

With this data, marketing recommendations are tailored and created for your unique business. Letting your brand go without periodic brand audits can often lead to missed messages and opportunities when it comes to reaching and engaging your ideal customers.

What information does Brand InsightsTM offer?

SWOT Analysis: A SWOT (Strengths, Weakness, Opportunities, Threats) analysis is a tool used to help obtain a better understanding of the overall internal and external existence of your organization. Understanding the strengths and opportunities from both your team members and customers will help form targeted marketing and messaging strategies while uncovering weaknesses and threats that challenge your business to necessary change for growth.

Internal Perception Summary: Each team member has a personal perception of your company brand and deliverables and articulates this information uniquely. The Brand InsightsTM will uncover relevant trends associated with the team members’ perceptions while adding value to the overall messaging strategy.

External Perception Summary: The customer interviews and surveys shed light on perceptions of your brand and deliverables from many different viewpoints. To avoid homogenous answers, interview a diverse customer base in the qualitative research and follow with quantitative research to uncover true statistical trends.

Internal and External Perception Gaps: Qualitative and quantitative data uncovers the perception gaps that exist between your company and your customers. These gaps often cause missed expectations, confuse your audience, and hinder sales.

Company Goals: It is important that your whole team understands where the company is headed and what they are all working towards. This report will uncover if the team is aligned or not with the growth direction of the company.

Setting the Customer’s Expectations: Most businesses have about 25 seconds to either hit or miss when it comes to connecting with a new customer. The Brand InsightsTM will aid in setting clear and honest expectations and will uncover messaging and visuals strategies that will resonate with your leads and customers quickly.

Ideal Customer: Uncovering who your ideal customer is and developing a customer persona is a great way to develop marketing and messaging campaigns for the diverse consumer base your company is trying to reach. Through qualitative and quantitative research, the Brand InsightsTM process is able to identify what your ideal customers are looking for and how they articulate their pains/needs and to develop strategy directions to better connect with them as they go through their buyer’s journey.

Marketing recommendations and opportunities

To better engage with your ideal customers, here are some practical ways to apply the Brand InsightsTM to some areas of your business.

Integrated Marketing Communications: The Brand InsightsTM will help uncover what integrated tools, platforms and advertising outlets will work best to reach your intended audience. The goal is to have your marketing streamlined and targeted to make the most impact.

Ongoing Marketing Messages: The saying, “content is king,” in marketing couldn’t be more true. Through this process your team and customer feedback is analyzed to help develop your brand story with the right message, terms, and position, resulting in relevant engagement with your audience.

Website: The Brand InsightsTM is the best first step in gathering the right data to develop a meaningful and targeted website. It will provide real team and customer feedback on what is most important, to aid in site navigation strategy, content development, imagery selection, correct calls-to-action, and appropriate resources that will reach and engage viewers, moving them from a lead to a loyal customer. Your website should be built for your customers, so be sure your customers are contributing to your website strategy.

Branding Strategy Campaigns: Most small- to mid-sized companies only focus on advertising their products or services, while overlooking the importance of marketing their brand. Building a brand goes far beyond just selling products and services. It is building a relationship and loyalty and sometimes a lifestyle with your customers and community. The Brand InsightsTM will uncover your full story, enabling the ability to develop marketing campaigns for your whole company’s products, services, brand, etc.

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