An Interview with CEO Todd Rimer

Todd Rimer moved into the role of CEO of Element212 in 2016. As we ring in the new year and celebrate our 13th year in business, Todd shares with us a little bit about himself and his vision for the company.

Q. Where is your favorite place to eat in Anderson?
A. There is a small, local eatery inside our building in downtown Anderson called Dapper Cat Café, where I can get one of my three favorite wraps and an assortment of other delicious foods made and prepared by the owner herself. Sometimes the younger of her two daughters will be there to open the door as you enter or leave; a little touch of kindness and added service you do not find at most places anymore.

Q. Can you share one fun fact about you?
A. I was born in Pittsburgh, so everywhere I live or visit, I sound different because of my “accent.” Of course, until I moved out of Pittsburgh for the first time as a teenager and moved to Michigan, I had no idea that I spoke “funny.” To this day, I speak Pittsburghese from time to time and I am surprised at how often others can identify my roots.

Outside of the University of Pittsburgh, my alma mater, I am a big fan of Ohio State and Alabama. Over the years, I have received many derogatory comments and sneers from those who do not share my same loyalties. However, it makes for a good conversational piece when someone visits my office or joins me via video and my memorabilia is clearly visible. The ensuing bantering is a lot of fun.

Q. What’s your workday like?
A. As co-owner and CEO of a marketing company, the answer can change from year to year and day to day. Over the 12+ years we have been in business, my business partner Tammy Coleman and I have been able to pass some responsibilities on to others as we have grown and have added to our team of experts with various talents, skills, and capabilities, which has only led to our growth. This has been beneficial and advantageous for us but also for the company and our clients. However, in addition to my ownership and executive responsibilities, I still do a majority of our sales and business development, client relations, and supply high-energy and production-driving snacks for our team of creative thinkers and problem solvers. And I hope someday we have someone else who can water the office plants and wash the dishes.

Q. How do you reward yourself after a tough day at work?
A. There have been difficult and frustrating moments and days over the years. Fortunately, there have been significantly more positive days and blessings than negative days and setbacks. Regardless of how a day may go, I like to reward myself for a solid day’s work by being with my girlfriend, exercising, walking in a park or nearby neighborhood, drinking coffee or eating ice cream at a local shop, playing board, card, and dice games, talking on the phone with family and friends, and even taking a short nap.

Q. What do you enjoy most about Element212?
A. The opportunity to develop the relationships that have been pivotal in the success and growth of our company, which include influential professionals in Central and East Central Indiana, strategic and referral partners, our loyal, trusting clients, and our team of strategic, creative problem solvers. My business partner and I have remained humble and grateful over the years, especially through the challenges and struggles, by understanding and respecting a basic, foundational principle, which is that without our clients and our employees, we do not even have a company, let alone a thriving one.

Q. What vision do you have for Element212?
A. Tammy and I share a common vision: To be a top-rated marketing firm that prioritizes our clients’ best interests above everything else. When people hear “Element212,” they think of a team of marketing experts who produce creative and quality work with a professional, transparent, and strategic approach that ensures positive results and exceeds expectations. To be a company that supports our team members fully at work and in their personal life, who earn competitive pay, receive quality benefits, and enjoy a fun, safe, and fulfilling work environment.

Q. Where do you see Element212 and yourself in five years?
A. There have been some tough and challenging days over the years. Regardless of how much success we have experienced, we faced difficult moments, endured disappointing seasons, committed oversights, errors, and mistakes, and, at times, even failed. But that is what running a business is all about. You do your best, you fall short, you learn, you adapt, you grow, you evolve, you improve, you innovate, and you reinvent yourself. You never give up, you never quit, you stay committed to who you are and your shared vision, and you never stop believing in yourself and those around you.

Five years from now, I see our company and our team being more relevant, more significant, more indispensable, and more necessary to our clients. We will continue to keep pace with the ever-changing trends, challenges, and opportunities within our industry and those of our clients. I look forward to still serving as a leader and CEO of our proud, productive, and purpose-driven company. My only hope, wish, and prayer is that I can do it four days a week instead of five. One can dare to dream, right?