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Providing water is an inexpensive process

Water goes through a rigorous process before it can be used by the general public:  Pumping, cleaning, filtering, pressurizing, distributing and delivering all happens before you receive one drop. In order for that process to happen, the water travels through hundreds of miles of underground pipes, valves, treatment plants, tanks and other equipment. Over 35 Anderson employees manage this robust water infrastructure to provide safe and clean water for our community.

Our water will always be available

Deterioration, repairs and upgrades are part of every day life for any physical item from clothes to cars to buildings. Over time materials simply wear out and need to be either fixed, repaired or all together replaced. Our water supply infrastructure is no different. It is easy to dismiss the problems we are facing underground in our piping and at our treatment plants because they are not right in our face, and for now, we are able to access water with seemingly no difficulty.

But the fact is, capital improvements are urgently needed to correct our water infrastructure and avoid an inevitable failure with our current deteriorating system.

Anderson’s water system is municipally-owned

Our water system is owned by the community and therefore our water company is accountable to the people of Anderson.

There are numerous advantages to being municipally-owned, which the proposed improvements would continue to protect and provide:

  • Local decisions reflect the values of our community
  • Long-term goals and investments in our community’s best interest
  • Employed and governed by local residents familiar with Anderson’s system
  • Quick and effective response to emergencies
  • Focus is on service, not profit, and the savings stay in our City
  • Rates are lower than most privatized systems

Our Solutions for Secure,                                                                            Safe & Clean Water



With a modest rate increase, improvements and upgrades can be made to our water system. These upgrades will further enable Anderson to maintain our Economy, Health & Safety, Recreation and Home activities such as:

Retain and attract companies that create jobs for our community

Support the operations of our hospitals and fire department

Sustain the public’s access to our parks and pools

Ensure that residents can perform the basic functions of daily living

Proposed Improvements:

  • Replace the Lafayette Water Treatment Plant
  • Replace 4 wells in the Lafayette Wellfield
  • Repairs at Wheeler Water Treatment Plant
  • Replace water mains in the Homewood neighborhood
  • Install fire hydrants with adequate flow and pressure
  • Hydrogeological, hydraulic and engineering studies

Benefits to the Anderson Area:

  • Build Lafayette Treatment Plant capacity to a minimum of 10 MGD (Millions of gallons a day)
  • Provide reliable water supply and treatment facilities
  • Ensure safe and high quality water service
  • Secure sustainable water supply for the future
  • Minimize risk of service interruptions
  • Reduce water loss from frequent leaks
  • Improve flow and pressure
  • Protect public health and safety
  • Maximize use of existing infrastructure
  • Improve efficiency and flexibility in operations
  • Restore efficiency and water production
  • Enhance value of existing well property and water main assets

Proposed Rate Adjustments

Our current aging system results in 1.5 to 2.5 million gallons per day of water loss due simply to leaks.

After 7 years of no rate increase, the City of Anderson must implement a modest increase to pay for the costs of water maintenance and fund necessary repairs and system upgrades. This will provide a secure future for our residents and businesses.

Anderson City water consumers who average approximately 5,000 gallons of water per month would see an average increase of only $0.30 cents per day.

Anderson’s Water Rates would remain very competitive

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